About the Lady

Hello! My name is Michaila (like Mikayla) and I'am a thirteen, Christian, home schooled, brown-haired girl who wishes she could go to a ball (and would happily settle for a barn dance).

Okay,now some random facts: 

I have never been out of the U.S.A 

My favorite colors are teal, pink(which you probably already knew), lavender and hot green

If I did not have brown hair I would want red

I have dark brown eyes

I spend my days reading, writing adventure stories, singing, painting, drawing cartoons of red gummy bears, spoiling my pets, having fun with my awesome sauce family, hanging out with friends and of course, blogging. 

I love Labrador Retrievers 

Some of my favorite movies include Maleficent, Tangled, McFarland USA, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Pirates of the Caribbean

My favorite show is I Love Lucy 

I have read the whole (main) Little House On the Prairie series 

I live within a football field from the beach

I'am very prone to hiccups. Since in the womb. 

The reason you never see a photo of my face is because my Dad outlawed face-photos ;)

I believe that abortion is killing the innocent

I believe that marriage is a holy thing given by God for a man and a woman. Only.

Another hobby of mine is making chokers with my Mom. I hope you thoroughly enjoy my blog,  and have a awesome sauce day!!!!