Friday, December 11, 2015

Favorite Moments from Felicity

"Tis' never a good thing to run towards something if you're 

running away from something else" 

-Felicity Merriman

  • At the Dinner Table
I notice how pretty the Merriman's table is, the candles, the food, their clothes, all so elegant. Nowadays we don't have all that 'civilness', but then again, we would not be appearing at the table back then with a stained sweat-shirt, would we?


"A Surprise Mother? May I have one?"

  • "Hello Penny Girl" 
Felicity gains a very strong friendship with Penny, gradually. And then they ride, so beautifully and swiftly.  But at the end of the ride, Felicity must slip back over the fence and leave her dear horse to Mr. Nye.

  • Dance Lessons
The girl's dresses in the whole movie are beautiful, especially Felicity's riding outfit. And this last time I watched it, I noticed their dancing shoes. Now, why don't we wear shoes like that anymore? I would.


  • Felicity's Prayer
It's amazing how sometimes when we we are under pressure, we do our best. Felicity's care for her Mother, her family, and the new baby are all a great example of this. But not only was it because she was under pressure, but because she loved. And so she gave and received.

  • The Ball 

Thee 'Lady Templetons Ball' is very classical, and elegant. Everyone's clothes, and the dancing,  looks like it would be 'magically fun'.

  • A Merry Christmas

Everyone is forgiven, and they are all home for a lovely Christmas dinner. 

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