Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cinderella Characters ~Evil Step Mother~

We see various Evil Stepmother's in Cinderella movies. The evil Stepmother's overall character is sinister, cruel, and heartless, really. I notice through the Cinderella movies that the evil Stepmother seems to be very extravagant in her own style, from Lady Tremaine in Disney's 1950 movie...

To Ever After's Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent...

...and then Disney's 2015 Lady Tremaine in Cinderella.

They all have a certain crazy style of their own. In my opinion, I think the evil Stepmother should not tell her sob story, like in the 2015 Cinderella. However, through all the movies, this evil woman makes at least one very evil move that out do all her other schemes.

And Cinderella most of the time answers them with mercy, and patience.

I think out of these Cinderella movies the most evil is Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent, because she sells Danielle to Pierre Le Pieu (and were all just shouting at the screen, noooo!). Altogether, I kind of like how in the 2015 Cinderella, Lady Tremaine is forgiven. Maybe she goes off and starts a good life of repentance. But that's another movie.

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  1. I'm so glad you had this idea, Michaila!! Now I'm off to read your "Prince" post... :)

  2. Out of all of the Cinderella films, the 2015 one is my favourite! I thought that the evil stepmother was such a good actress...