Sunday, January 3, 2016

Clock of Victoria pt.1

To understand my movie/skit, your all going to need to know the story line.

First Off, were in England, 1845. Bella Thompson's Grandfather dies, and so she goes to his mansion and takes only one item: a clock inscribed to Queen Victoria. On her ship, arriving in America days later, she takes the clock and changes the time to 2:16, time traveling from her era to the future, 2016. There she meets three girls and they all quickly become friends. She also meets Ben Edward, whom unknowingly is her great-great-great Grandson. She enjoys being friends with the girls, shopping and talking. Bella realizes she must go back to her own time, and when time-traveling drops the clock, leaving it with the three girls. Back in 1845, she meets Benjamin Edward, her future husband.

So, I'm on step 2, which is picking actors/actresses and finishing up scripts, notes and such.

I also have to design Bella's dress, that is going to be made from a particular thrift store dress as the core, and fancied up from there.

(via Victoria & Albert museum .com)
There is also one other costume to make, Bella's brother Eddy's and Benjamin's suit, which will be the same just with some different accessories.

Now is the stage of planning, and there's lots of things to be done. Spring time is when I want to practice it and Summer is when I want to perform it. Hopefully it will go well and you can all see it on Youtube :D.

More posts up ahead!


  1. This is so cool Mic! I'm really excited for more! :)

    Allie D.