Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Clock of Victoria pt.2

Guess what everyone? Today I bought Bella's (the 1800's time traveler) dress! I got it from a local thrift store for $10.00, new with tags. The colors are a grayish blue and rusty brown, and in the back it also has a corset.

If you notice those ruffles on the bottom will serve perfect as a first layer type of look, and the corset, though it probably won't be seen, is beautiful. 

I'm planning on buying a jacket for the top of the dress, and the bottom we will sew on more fabric to make it longer. Maybe a bit like this look (if you take note of the two left ladies jackets).

(via the New York public library)

Besides the dress, I also got a very good deal on this pretty little purse here-it was only a dollar. 

My main costume is in the making, and just yesterday I bought a few natural lip glosses that may be able to take other makeup products places. The play is in progress!


  1. Hi! I LOVE dapper 1950's or anything vintage recently I went to IKEA and found a hoop skirt I was wearing it and and some guys were like oh gosh that's a big skirt I was trying not to laugh but it was soooo hard but I did it! Okay I'm probably boring you so bye!(if you want to check out one of my blogs here's the address. bye for real!)

    1. Oh a hoop skirt? Sounds so cute! Thanks so much for stopping bye & commenting! :D
      God Bless,