Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Brief Viewing of: Green Acres

Green Acres! If you've heard of the show (1965-1971) you most likely remember it's classic theme song. The show has it's very own cute, funny, style. Lisa Douglas ( Eva Gabor) is the wife of Oliver Douglas ( Eddie Albert), a New York attorney who dreams of starting a farm in the country, and getting away from the 'rat race'. And so, they move to Green Acres.

The couple moves into an old, falling apart house widely known as 'the old Haney place', that is sold to them by who other then Mr. Haney himself. Mr. Haney is the classic swindler; of course the furniture doesn't come with the house, but if they want some he has just what they need.

Lisa wants just to be back in the city, where her Husband would rather raise corn. But they both have a strenuous task to do; Lisa has to cook and Oliver has to eat it.

Have you seen Green Acres before? Do you make pancakes like Lisa's?

God Bless,


  1. Bravo! My mom said she's seen a couple of episodes but it's not for kids :'(

    1. Oh. My Dad watched it when he was young, I've never seen an inappropriate episode, but then again I haven't seen them all. Thanks for your thoughts!