Sunday, February 14, 2016

~Little House Week~ The Olesons

Without the Oleson's, the Little House show would be half as funny. Without Mrs. Oleson, the Oleson family wouldn't be funny at all. 

Mrs. Oleson is...a cranky, mischievous, mean person.

But, at times, though rare, she has her loving moments.

There's times we all just want to put her and her daughter in the corner. After all, over half of whatever Nellie does seems totally unfair to Laura. 

And Willie, well, half the time Willie's brain doesn't even appear to be there. Then there is Mr Oleson, poor Mr. Oleson. 

But in the end, Nellie and Laura turn out to be good friends. Even enemies can become better than the best friends. 

~Just a Little House note~


  1. nice!Sorry I'm really late :| ---Liah

    1. Thanks Liah! :D What's there to be sorry for?

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