Saturday, April 23, 2016

Funniest Duos~Pt. 2

Mr. and Mrs. Oleson
From Little House

"Nels!" So absolutely classic. Mr. and Mrs. Oleson are opposites of one another. Actually, Mr. Oleson is a nice person. Sometimes you can also see that Mrs. Oleson has her kind spots. Yet, together, their a traveling circus. 

The Baldwin Sisters
From The Walton's

You didn't think I was going to leave the two eccentric ladies out, did you? Somehow, these two elderly ladies get away with having their very own 'Papa's recipe' machine. Maybe because they don't seem to know what their actually doing. 

What are some of your favorite duos? 


  1. Lol! The Olsons are hilarious! =D I love most of the Little House on the Prairie videos!

    1. I know-their so funny XD most of them are good (though I noticed more towards the later episodes, they get a little TOO dramatic for me).

  2. Nooooo!! XD
    They're my favourite LHotP-couple EVER. Harriet is so amusing!

    ~Felicity King~